Seven Hills provides safe skateparks, spaces, programs, and tools for young people in Jordan to learn, grow and become positive contributors to their community. To do so, Seven Hills creates free and democratic environments for children, young people, and parents in Amman to overcome social barriers, socialize and unwind. They utilize skateboarding sessions and art programs to bridge the gap between different genders, ages, cultural, social, racial, and religious backgrounds in Jordan, whilst utilizing the sessions and our maker space as a means for young people to learn skills and grow.

In the heart of Jordan capital city Amman, 7Hills, a grassroots non-profit organization, was founded in 2014 with a vision to create
safe spaces, inclusive programs, and meaningful connections for the diverse youth of the region.
The organization's journey began with the construction of Jordan's first-ever skatepark, a collaborative effort with international
partners, and later expanded to establish a second park in an underserved neighborhood. In 2019, Seven Hills underwent a
significant transition, evolving into a locally-run non-profit. This transformation empowered a team of young, talented individuals
with expertise in skateboarding, arts, events, and program management.

7Hills believes in the transformative power of skateboarding as a tool for social inclusion and personal development. The
organization launched free-of-charge skate programs, providing not just concrete skateparks but sanctuaries for learning,
community building, and skill development. The Youth Leadership Program, an organic outgrowth of this initiative, transformed
participants into skate teachers and community leaders, fostering local ownership and sustainable growth.
Beyond the skateparks, 7Hills collaborated with local municipalities to address the need for public spaces and recreational outlets
for Jordan's burgeoning youth population. Two skateparks became catalysts for change, enhancing public spaces with basketball
courts, playgrounds, green areas, and meeting points. Seven Hills facilitated the renovation of the original skatepark, making it more accessible and inclusive.

Seven Hills' programs reached over 5,000 participants monthly in 2022, spanning diverse demographics, including displaced communities, people with disabilities, and socioeconomically challenged populations.

The organization fostered a sense of community cohesion, providing safe spaces for young people to meet, play, and grow.
Behind this transformative journey are the 42 Youth Leaders from six different nationalities, part of the Youth Leadership Program.
This program not only transformed them into active community members but also facilitated workplace training and employment opportunities in Jordan.

  • Victoria | Deputy Director

  • Babers | Former Alraseef 153 Space Coordinator

  • Nour | Communications Skate Teacher

  • Zaid | Operations Skate Teacher

  • Jude | Former Development and Sustainability Manager

  • Ghassan | Former Skate Program Manager

  • Majed | Former Alraseef 153 Space Manager

  • Hatim | Programs Manager

  • Mustafa | Lead Skate Teacher