Urkell Manifesto

Urkell is a sustainable clothing brand and a community of people (athletes and
creators), willing to express their talent in a 360-degree horizon. Our mission
is to build a project starting from the bottom and always in close connection
with the people and the reality they represent, without ever losing sight of
the bond that unites them. We are convinced that every individual, whether a
sportsperson or not, lives in contact with their environment and acts in
accordance with it; this is why Urkell seeks to support people and realities in
making a change, whether big or small, and in working concretely for the better
future they wish to see in their communities. We strive to create high quality
clothing with a focus on reducing the environmental and social impact of our
products. ''Build Things That Last'' is the approach we advocate both in the
making of our garments, which are produced with the intention of being
functional, comfortable, and long-lasting, and in building human relationships
and supporting projects that involve the communities to which we all
belong, as well.