100% Organic Clothings
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Conscious shopping and consuming can generate a positive impact on our planet.
In simple terms: buy less, buy better.
Care and attention in the choice of materials are essential to reduce our environmental impact.
That’s why we privilege sustainable textile materials, such as organic cotton and recycled PET.
Since the quality and durability of garments is an environmental issue, our purpose in this respect is simple and clear:


Organic farming reduces soil use and preserves water from pesticide
contamination, no chemical treatment is applied, either in cultivation or in the subsequent processing stages.
Plus, organic cotton is a higher quality fabric and is softer than conventional cotton.
Our tees are made of 100% certified Organic or Organic in Conversion Cotton


Using Recycled PET reduces the creation of new plastics on our planet and helps to fight plastic waste. It is 100 percent recyclable, it does not lose its essential properties during the recycling process and can thus be repeatedly transformed into valuable products
Our Recycled PET is certified by Global Recycled Standard.


Packaging is often an absolute waste and cannot be re-used: our packaging is 100% compostable, which means that it can disintegrate into non-toxic, natural elements. Compostable packaging: is made up of materials of organic origin, it can be recovered through composting, transforming itself into a new resource and reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible and it is a biodegradable packaging and during the composting process it completely decomposes producing carbon dioxide, biomass and water.